For any long lasting relationship the time can come where things just aren’t as exciting as they should be when it comes to bedroom activities. Sex with your partner is an important part of the relationship but it is easy to allow it to become boring and feel like a chore. If this should happen to you then it is time to switch things up a bit like trying the holy grail of cum to bring the fun and excitement back to your sex life and relationship and here are some great tips to help you do just that.


Role Play

Usually the time for experimenting with sex comes during the honeymoon period of a relationship but it doesn’t necessarily have to stop there. To begin with, men and women don’t have default fantasies, they are something that come and go in the mind as time passes so you should always seek to discover any new fantasies that you and your partner may have. Role playing is one such fantasy that can really spice up your sex life, the thrill of you and your partner pretending to be other people can really get the juices flowing. Speak with your partner and discuss what role playing fantasies they have, perhaps it is a celebrity or a particular uniform or even the idea of cheating that gets them going, listen to your partner and try to make their fantasy a reality.

Sexy Clothing

If you and your partner live together then you will no doubt have watched each other dress and undress each day, this can make the mystery of ‘what lies beneath’ disappear but you can regain it with some sexy clothing or underwear. Sexy clothing for women is easy to find and doesn’t have to cost the Earth, the difference it could make in your sex life however, could be huge. For men, there is nothing better than seeing his partner in sexy dresses or lingerie and the kinkier the better. Sexy clothing is not just for the men, they can also help a woman to feel beautiful and sexy which will enhance the experience for both partners. My favorite place to shop for sexy clothes is


A slightly more extreme option to help you and your partner inject some much needed excitement into your relationship is swinging, swapping partners with another couple. This option may not be for everyone but many people who swing say that it has boosted their sex life with their partners. Swinging enables both partners to have consensual sex with other people at the same time in a safe and trusted environment and if you can strip away any envy or jealousy then you may find that the idea of couple-swapping will enhance your sex life at home. To find fellow swingers you can search online or look for ads at the back of adult magazines, you may be surprised at how many other people enjoy swinging and perhaps even more so by the results it will have in your own private sex life.