Technology makes the world go around. From smartphones to cloud-based SaaS applications, modern businesses can’t afford to ignore the value of modern technology. Whether you are running a pizzeria or a sandwich bar, there are some great technology solutions that will help you improve your customer’s experience, run a leaner business, and expand your market share. Here are some of the best on offer right now.

Point of Sale Systems

Digital POS systems are revolutionising the restaurant business. Instead of relying on servers to take orders on paper pads or asking customers to visit a counter to place their order, your staff can use the Lavu iPad POS to sell food and drinks and take payments. This makes for a far better customer experience, plus you stay in control of your inventory.

Modern POS systems offer numerous advantages. Restaurant managers can accept multiple types of payment, including contactless, track inventory across several locations, implement loyalty schemes, and offer menus in multiple languages. Menus can be updated quickly and easily, while touchscreen technology makes ordering a breeze.

Tabletop Tablets

Tabletop tablets take self-service restaurants to the next level. Instead of waiting for a server to come and take the order, customers can place their own order at their table, which is sent directly to the kitchen for processing.

Self-service tabletop technology is a boon during peak service times, such as lunchtime or 5-7pm. You can offer extensive menu options and specials, without expecting a server to memorise everything. Since wait times are drastically reduced and servers have more time to engage with customers, customer satisfaction rises, which in turn, increases customer loyalty. Self-service tabletop ordering systems are also family-friendly, as it means single parents don’t have to leave their children unattended when they go to a counter to place their order. 

Online Ordering

Technology has opened new revenue streams for smaller restaurants. Whereas pre-internet, restaurants had to wait for customers to find them, now they can market their menus online and send food straight to the customer. Restaurants that expand into the online ordering sector usually see an impressive return on their investment. Customers don’t always have time to venture out to eat, but if they love your food, offering a takeout option is one way to keep the customer loyal.

Online ordering is the norm these days. It is far easier to partner with a third-party website such as Just-Eat than it is to ask customers to contact you directly to place an order for food. Big brands such as Pizza Hut have already embraced online ordering, so if you want to keep up, you need to do the same.

Scheduling Apps

Managing employees can be a real headache for a restaurant manager. Many employees will be part-time and juggling rotas can create numerous problems, especially if one person calls in sick. Software solutions and apps make a difficult job much simpler.

Install a cloud-based scheduling app on your smartphone and have access to all your rotas in the palm of your hand. You can see who’s working and who has a holiday due. This helps to avoid any scheduling conflicts and other problems. The time you save with an app like this means you gain extra time to deal with other issues.

Social Media Marketing

Social media offers a cost-effective way or marketing a restaurant business. For small restaurant startups, social media is a godsend. It costs nothing to open social media accounts and start promoting your business online. You can deal with queries, engage with customers, and tempt tastebuds with delectable shots of delicious desserts.

Let’s not forget about mobile payments, digital loyalty schemes, and handheld entertainment technology for family-restaurants. Lastly, if you offer free Wi-fi as well as awesome food, customers are guaranteed to return.