South Africa has always held a spot in many people’s travel bucket list, which is but normal considering the many beautiful and exotic places and animals that one can see there.

When in the country, you certainly must not miss a trip to Johannesburg. It is also referred to as the “City of Gold,” and rightfully so not only because of the rich mineral deposits in the area but the abundance of wonderful tourist attractions as well.

Specialty Museums

There are many museums in Johannesburg, but there are certain museums that are more special and worth visiting as compared to the others. For example, there is the Apartheid Museum, which specializes in exhibits about the infamous past of the place during the dreadful Apartheid. Since there are so many things to see, you can easily while away two or three hours of your time here. Another specialty museum in Johannesburg is the Origins Center, which as the name suggests is a museum that showcases the origins of mankind. There is no other place more fitting for the museum to be situated, as Africa is recognized to be the birthplace of the human race. The exhibits include rock arts and fossils that were dug in and around the country. You should also visit the Peacemaker Museum, which is dedicated to commemorate the memories of past and present Nobel Peace Prize winners and their contributions to the betterment of human living and interaction.

Outdoor Fun

One of the best outdoor activities is visiting the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and Emmarentia Dam where you can go kayaking, boating or canoeing.  The whole park itself is a great place for a stroll or a bike ride, with its over one thousand plant collections in the ranging from colourful flowering plants to delicately hanging orchids, and even fragrant herbs and lush trees. With its natural and scenic beauty, it is no wonder that the gardens have been one of the most photographed places in all of Johannesburg. Trekking the Wonder Caves is another great outdoor activity to be enjoyed. The caves are part of the Humankind World Heritage Sites, being one of the sources of many human fossils discovered. There are spectacular rock formations inside the cave like the Wonder Caves Daggers, a set of sharp looking stalactites that make it look like the roof is raining knives.

Safaris and Adventures

No trip to Africa would be complete without taking a safari in the wild savannahs of the country. Get to see up close and personal the various animals that reside near the area, and enjoy the scenic views from the various vantage points located in strategically selected areas to give tourists the best views. Modern forms of adventure have also reached the place, like the Acrobranch which offers adventures in the treetops. There are giant zip lines, Tarzan jumps, wire walks and so much more.

Johannesburg is a wonderful place to visit as everything that a traveller may want to see or experience is definitely here.

Photo by viajor on Flickr