New Zealand has some of the most spectacular sceneries anywhere in the world and the weather is perfect as well, so if you want a cheap trip – this is the place to be in 2016.


Before you leave on your NZ trip, grab a bottle of Pinot Noir from Advintage, one of New Zealand’s best wines, to give yourself a taste of things to come! Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 things to do in New Zealand, that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

1. Visit the boutique wineries  

The Pinot Noir should have given you an idea of the quality of New Zealand’s wines, but for a true understanding, you can’t go wrong with a wine tasting trip on your holiday. Simply take a bus to your chosen area and without a doubt, you will find numerous boutique wineries in the area – all ripe for tasting.

2. Explore the real Hobbiton  

Located on the North Island near Matamata, you can actually visit Middle Earth yourself and see the real Hobbit Holes, The Green Dragon Inn, the Mill, and the double arched bridge. This is an amazing trip, which you can finish by relaxing in the Hobbit Inn, just over the arched bridge. Tickets are a bit expensive, but this is a trip you cannot miss in New Zealand.

3. Soak up the Maori culture in Rotorua

When you have spent time in Rotorua you will always remember the smell of the sulphurous hot thermal springs, which pop up everywhere. Just walk around the town and you will see hot springs bubbling away in people’s gardens – it is so amazing! You can visit an authentic Maori village, join in with a local Hangi feast or spend time in the local hot pools. Once you have tasted the premier Pinot Noir, a visit to the cultural home of New Zealand has to be on your bucket list.

4. Relax in the local thermal springs

Did someone mention hot thermal springs? These are just about everywhere in New Zealand, but the best places are only known by the locals. So ask around and you will be surprised at the number of off-road spots you will find, which are absolutely free! FYI: check out the local council pools in the small townships, because their pools are usually heated by hot springs and they cost just a dollar or two for all day entry.

5. Jet boat ride down Huka Falls in Taupo

This is an awesome experience and a spectacular ride down the rapids of Huka Falls. The crystal clear waters of the Waikato River thunder down the rapids in a wash of spray and power that is just too good to miss. The scenery is amazing and showcases the very best of New Zealand, so don’t forget your camera as the photos will be awesome.

When you arrive home in Australia you will have no problems in returning to all of your fabulous holiday memories with a bottle of New Zealand’s Pinot Noir from Advintage – whenever you want to kick back and relax.