Dressing Up Your Dog can be fun, but sometimes, it's best to contact a designer
Photo by CC user istolethetv on Flickr

Anyone who has a dog wants what is best for them. This means that, when you are looking for clothes for dressing up your dog, they should be of the highest quality. Hence, they look for designer dog clothes to meet this need. But what is the difference between regular dog clothes and designer models?

Understanding the Difference between Casual and Designer Dog Clothes

Generally speaking, designer dog clothes are more expensive (this can be a little or a lot) than “regular” clothes. However, price is only half the story. The focus, after all, should be on value for money. When you buy something, what it costs should not be your only, or even the most important, consideration.

Here are some things to remember:

  1. Quality clothes last a lot longer. Yes, you will have to pay more out of pocket, but this equates to a long term saving as you won’t have to replace it as often. The materials used in designer clothes, and the quality of the stitching, is simply far superior. You can’t tell a dog to sit still and don’t move for extended periods of time, so you need to make sure the clothes are of good quality.

  2. Designer clothes keep for longer as well, and they always look brilliant. It is generally very easy to maintain them and clean them, so long as you follow the care instructions that they have been provided with. You will notice that, overall, the designer gear will last much longer when looked after properly than cheap counterparts, even if they have also been looked after properly.

  3. Designer clothes are made with fine materials. One of the reasons why some clothes are really cheap is because the material that they use is cheap, and has been rejected for other things. You can literally feel the difference when you touch the garments. Not just that, however, it is less likely that your dog will suffer an allergy if they wear designer clothing.

  4. Designer clothes are far more fashionable than their cheaper alternatives. Some of the world’s biggest fashion houses now also create dog clothing, mainly due to their popularity with A-list celebrities. These designs are so beautiful that you may start looking for the human equivalent (there’s a good chance that you will find it as well, actually). The world will envy you if you are your dog both show up in a Chanel outfit, for instance. Of course, those types of designer clothes are unaffordable for most of us, but there are some more affordable alternatives out there as well.

If you want your dog to look fashionable, as well as being safe and comfortable, you shouldn’t purchase the cheap products you can get in any corner store. Rather, you should invest a little bit more and purchase something that is of far higher quality. We may not all be able to opt for matching Gucci outfits, but there is a world in between those fashion houses and the truly cheap to consider.